Weekly Digest – 11 January 2023

Weekly Digest – 11 January 2023

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Welcome back to our Weekly Digest. Read on for the latest updates and some ideas to help us all move forward.

Property values expected to decline further in 2023

A property analyst from CoreLogic predicts an ongoing slump in the property market in 2023, despite the downturn slowing down over the final months of 2022.

Westpac Bank’s blunder left some people without any money

A Dunedin mother says she was forced to ration her family’s food after the Westpac Bank “technology glitch” unexpectedly left her account in overdraft over the weekend.

A turning point may be on the horizon for out-of-control home-building costs

Despite construction costs hitting a record high, CoreLogic’s chief property economist believes that a notable drop in demand for new build projects could ease pressure on the industry.

Breweries facing closures due to shortage of liquid CO2

A nationwide shortage of liquid CO2 could halt beer production for breweries across New Zealand. Some breweries report that they have less than a week’s supply left.

Fish and chip shop owner works longer to reduce prices for customers

The owner of one of the cheapest chip shops in Christchurch has resorted to working longer hours, often late into the night, to keep his prices low. He says it’s the least he can do to give back to the community that supported his business throughout the pandemic.

Significant changes coming to Twitter

Elon Musk has announced a change to Twitter that will allow users to tweet 4000 characters very soon. There will also be a swipe right/left feature to move between recommended vs followed tweets and a bookmark button added.

Kiwis seek chickens to tackle egg shortage

As a nationwide egg shortage continues, internet searches and online auction activity for items such as chickens, coops, and feed have skyrocketed.

A summary of the first week of trading in 2023

Asia-Pacific markets offered up a mixed bag of results to kick off 2023. Get the details here.

This is the year to tackle your debt

Stuff has some tips to help you shake off your debt in 2023 with their New Year’s Bootcamp.

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