Weekly Digest – 10 August 2022

Weekly Digest – 10 August 2022

Welcome back to our Weekly Digest. Read on for the latest updates and some ideas to help us all move forward.

Average house price dips back below $1m

For the first time since last September, the national average house price fell 4.9 percent over the past three months ending in July.

Inflation expectations ease slightly

A new survey shows that inflation expectations are easing for the first time in two years. As rates remain elevated, the projections will likely confirm that the RBNZ can not yet afford to ease up on its pace of interest rate rises.

Trans-Tasman shipping route set to begin for first time in 20 years

New Plymouth-based transport group Move Logistics has purchased a small cargo vessel with a planned route that will call at smaller, secondary ports. The smaller ship will reduce the need for cargoes to be trans-shipped at a large port.

Grocery costs rising at an accelerated rate

Increasing pressure on production and supply chains are causing already-high grocery prices to climb even higher. Even the rising cost of fertiliser is affecting locally-grown crops.

Employees are good at staying home from work when sick, but it’s an extra challenge for a sparse workforce

New statistics show that New Zealanders are now more likely to stay home when they are sick than they were before the pandemic. However, with a workforce that’s already stretched too thin, it creates challenges for employers and customers.

Kiwi businesses feeling prepared for potential supply chain issues

Retail leaders say they are feeling confident that businesses can handle supply chain disruption over the coming months. Lockdowns, the war in Ukraine, and energy demands are all expected to play a role in adding to supply chain woes.

What is “quiet quitting” and who’s doing it?

As more and more workers report feeling burnt out and overworked, the “quiet quitting” trend doesn’t mean you actually quit your job – it just means you quit the idea that it has to take over your life.

Twitter skewers Musk for trying to kill deal

A new court filing from Twitter dismisses every complaint Elon Musk has made about the social media giant since backing out of his botched US$44 billion offer to purchase the company, saying they are “factually inaccurate, legally insufficient, and commercially irrelevant.”

Qantas executives asked to work as baggage handlers

In an attempt to remedy a severe labour shortage, Australian airline Qantas has asked senior executives to step in. They will be loading and unloading bags as well as driving luggage transportation vehicles for three months.

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